Monzatech: maximize your cooling efficency
Set the target temperature, the MWP Smart Water Pump will keep it stable for all of your stint! In motorsport it is essential to save weight and reduce the dimension of all the parts of the vehicle. The purpose of our electric pump for the water cooling circuit, is to minimize the dimensions keeping the same flow rate. To get this feature, we use high performance electric engine and every component is engineered to increase the efficency and the amount of the water flow rate. At the beginning of the project, by using a software, we simulated the water flow inside our electric pumps in order to increase the fluid dynamics efficiency. We defined the shape of both the impeller and the stator and, after testing them in lab, we reached the best mechanical efficiency to cut down the pressure drops. Following up by taking advantage of today's technology we used the "CFD" (Computational Fluid Dynamics) that imitates via softwares the water flow inside the pump and let us find any eventual problems. Well, that's why ours water pumps are on a high level performance, despite their small size and reduced power consumption.
February 06, 2019 — Camilla Bernardo