Monzatech, motorsport engineering
MWP300 Monza Tech is a young mechatronics company born from the passion for the racing world to develop innovative projects in motorsports based in Italy. In the coming weeks, we shall introduce our first product, a solution to increase engine efficiency, whether for endothermic i.e. traditional or electric units. After a development phase extending well over a year, the MWP project yields its first results: an electronically-controlled, cooling circuit pump capable of autonomously managing engine heating, maintaining the user-defined target temperature, and the cooling cycle. This significantly improves the engine performance and durability. The product is intended for use on karts, cars and motorcycles. The company's dynamic approach has led to the filing of further patents covering the kart, motorbike, and car markets. Monza Tech stands apart from other companies in that it oversees the entire product chain, from idea to commercialisation, internally engineering all steps. In its corporate mission, Monza Tech relies on technology to improve vehicle efficiency, never compromising on product quality, whilst placing a relentless and detailed focus on materials, forms and electronics to deliver true innovation.
February 06, 2019 — Camilla Bernardo