MWP300, the smart pump for the cooling circuit
Set the target temperature, the MWP Smart Water Pump will keep it stable for all your stint! Thanks to the twenty-year experience gained in racing, Monzatech has developed the MWP300, an innovative electronically controlled water pump for the engine cooling circuit. Through two temperature sensors, placed inside the pump and in the motor output, the MWP300 is able to calculate the heat emitted by the motor and automatically change the speed and flow rate of the water in the circuit to maintain the temperature set by the user in a completely autonomous way. The target operating temperature of the motor is simply settable with two + and - keys. The benefits that derive from it are: No power subtraction to the engine The engine reaches the operating temperature in a short time The cooling circuit temperature remains constant maintaining the ideal carburation Cooling management even with the engine switched off because the pump continues to circulate the water (In the versions equipped with a battery) This prevents local accumulations of heat in the cylinder with consequent premature degradation of the motor. It is not necessary to choke the airflow on the radiator, since the pump measures the radiator outlet temperature Ideal for 2T engines up to 35-40 hp. Power supply: 12-17 Volt Flow rate: max 30 L/Min @16.8 Volt weight: 847g complete of harness
February 06, 2019 — Camilla Bernardo